What is a Quilt?

Definition of Quilt

The word quilt can be both a noun and a verb.

A warm bed covering made of padding enclosed between layers of fabric and kept in place by lines of stitching, typically applied in a decorative design.

Verb: Joining together (layers of fabric or padding) with lines of stitching to form a bed covering or a warm garment, or decorative effect. @ Google Dictionary

When building a quilt you have three levels.

Top: The part of the quilt that you want to see. 

          It's normally the pinnacle of the project. 

Middle: This is the comfort added to the quilt.
              The batting can be many types and vary in thickness.

Bottom: The bottom keeps the quilt together. 
               It will be the part that most likely will not be seen, 
               but in most quilts, the part thats felt.

The top, middle and bottom are the pieces of the sandwiched that form the quilt. There are many ways of putting this sandwich together. Quilting is sewing it either by machine or hand. A quilt can also be tied together. My preference is hand quilting. It takes longer to stitch by hand, but the out come is rewarding.