Thursday, March 29, 2012

So I didn't win

So I didn't win.

The contest was won by an amazingly talented women named Angela Pingal. She has a great blog at Cut to Pieces, I've already found great ideas. I glad that such a neat, self-taught, quilt lover won the prize. It was quite a prize and I hope she LOVES it.
I have taken some time to reflect and adjust to a life of reality instead of  blissful dreams of me winning all of that great stuff, but alas the day goes on and I'll find my big break the hard way. Not that Angela didn't win the hard way, I'm sure it was a month of intense work.
 Again "Great Job".

So on to the next project and the next set of dreams… stick with me it will be fun to see.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Now we sit and wait

The addition for the Moda Sliced competition just ended, and I won't know until Sunday if I am in the top four. There were so many good ideas, I'm trying to keep my assurances up. I have a hard time sleeping now just for the fact of trying to think of every possible new thing that I could design. If anything else good comes out of this at least I have a few great ideas for future projects.  I'll let you know.