Wednesday, November 30, 2011


  Over the weekend my husband and I found hamburger on sale in a 10 lb package, and we decided to get 5 packages. Yes, that is a lot of hamburger. I can eat hamburger, thats one thing that dose not have much carb, so when we find it at a good price I could say we gobble it up. Ha ha ha.
So today while doing the laundry, caring for a sick child and putting up Christmas decorations I am bottling hamburger. Crazy, well maybe.

  When bottling I always refer to my "Ball Blue Book", it is hard for me to remember how long to process in canner and all the particulars of each type of food you plan on preserving. It is a great book to have on hand, I really recommend it. I purchased mine at Ace years ago.

This meat was 80/ 20 so I cooked out some of the fat in a pot of water before packing meat into prepared jars.

This is my youngest son Ethan. He love to be a big help.

For hamburger in pint jars, I processed for an hour and fifteen minutes with ten pounds of pressure.

Once the canner cooled  I removed the jars and let them cool the rest of the way. 
     I listened to the sound of each lid pop affirming that the lid made a good seal.

Ta-da not to bad. 
Now I can store the hamburger on the shelf and not use up all the freezer space.

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