Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Quilts

  Growing up my source of material was swatches from men's suit or pants. My father would often bring  bags full, home from work. It was great to have pre-cut pieces, but the color selection was a little drab for a quilt. So in practicing these are the quilts that I started making; these quilts turned out to be more of a "crazy quilt," or a "patch work quilt" pattern. You can see from this picture the running diagonal patterns. I made this when I was 13 yrs old; at the time I only knew how to tie a quilt.  Perhaps not much to look at, but it was a great starting point!  

      I really believe that quilting is something that you can do at any level and with almost any material. From scraps, to beautiful color coordinated kits, all can be made into wonderful quilts. Start quilting with what you have and you will be happily surprised. Collect material from anywhere you can get it, even if you wont be using it in your current project. If it jumps out at you, then it will be easy to incorperate it in other quilts you make. I have had so many generous ladies give me pieces of there collection. I love material, it almost makes me giddy. So use what you have, start anywhere you are, and make a quilt.