Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Back

What a Great Summer. It was very low key for my family and we had a blast just being together. But like all good things, there is a time for them to end and start the next chapter. School for my kids is year round. I really like it and I think they do to. School started about 3 weeks ago and we are counting down the weeks till our fall break. It brakes up the school year so that the kids don't get burnt out. So with this year and my kids all in school, even my youngest in Joy School ( a home based preschool). I have a few hours to myself each week. This is were I will fill my time. Blogging about all of the fabulous projects that I have going on and finished!!

Here are some pictures of the fun things that we did over the summer.

I really got into quotes this summer. I have a hard time remembering the great quotes I hear so I've hung them up all over my house. This was a great website you should go visit.

This is just a tidbit.. a morsel of a quilt to come. I'm so excited!

My little girl sits so still for so long for me to create on her head.

We had lots of fun finger painting with chocolate pudding.

We went to our county fair, we might be odd, but found the livestock and craft pavilions to be the best part of the fair. I was amazed at the quilts. I plan to enter one next year!

These are some of the best French Fries that I have ever made.

 My chickens have struggled this summer with the heat and also mites, more of that story later, but look at the size of the egg she still gives us.

My garden now has extra protection from the birds. I might get a crop of tomatoes this year.

The kids loved these little piggies as a summer treat. They were so easy to make and sweet to eat.

Look at my grass!! I've been mowing it every week and now, with a tip from my sister in law we water at night. Look at the great place to play, even in the heat we spend evenings in the back yard.

Check back in soon. I have so much more to show and tell.

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  1. Your grass is beautiful! Mmm... now I'm craving homemade french fries!


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