Monday, January 2, 2012

The Joy of Pinterest


    Over the holidays I heard from many a sister in law that I needed to get acquainted with pinterest. I know about Pinterest from my sister's wedding planning, she used it all the time and was able to send and save pictures she liked. So now that the holidays are over and I'm back to normal schedule I've found the time to get on and look at what is available on Pinterest.

I have looked only a little and I am amazed. So far I've looked up ideas for:

Family Home Evening Charts,

                                                                  ~ simple as that~

Family Tree Pictures,

                                                             ~Legacy Family Trees~

Scripture covers,
                                                              ~By Small Means~

Scripture Tote,

                                                                 ~I Still Love You~

I'm so excited to have this new resorce. How did I get along without it? 

Thank you, Thank you to those sisters who have gotten me hooked!

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