Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cookies

I have never made an assortment of holiday goodies; most of the time I make a batch of Carmel Corn to give friends and neighbors. This year I thought I would be different and make cookies. I must say that my vice is cookies; cakes and candy I can pass up, but cookies make me want to change my eating habits. So all in all I gave into my craving and found some delicious looking cookies.  I have found a wonderful website called Your Homebased Mom I have really liked the things she cooks. I found other recipes that have turned out really good and the recipes are explained very easily. So on her website I picked

Peppermint Melting Moments

photo from yourhomebasedmom

I have eaten about one a day, and that is way to many for me, but they are so good!

I also thought I would  find one made with chocolate. Always good idea to add chocolate to round out any goodie plate. So I found these fabulous looking homemade Oreos.

photo from smitten kitchen

They were super easy to make. I found it would be the best to stick the batter in a pastry bag and pump out small blots. The middle frosting is really good to. 

Now we need to find time to deliver these plate of cookies before we eat them all.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the cookies. I am a huge cookie fan too. We are having our annual cooking baking day today! Thanks!


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